Plan "A" 
- to qualify for a mortgage,
- borrowing against Home equity

We have the mortgage plan or financial option to qualify for a mortgage to purchase your house or to invest in a second, rental, or vacation property

We also will advise you to borrow against home equity to combine and consolidate all of your high-interest debt – including debt from credit cards, auto loans, and personal lines of credit – into one low-rate mortgage loan

Plan "A" Qualify for a Mortgage

Mortgage Solutions (Lender A, B or C)

1. First Home Buyers

2. Second Home

3. Investment & Rental Properties

4. Vacations & Winter Homes

Borrowing Against Home Equity


1. Refinancing

2. Second Mortgages

3. Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

4. Reverse Mortgage with No Monthly Payments for Seniors +55 years old


Special Mortgages


1. Commercial Mortgages

2. Industrial Mortgage

3. Construction Financing

Plan "B" Rent-to-Own

1. Rent in a house that will be yours

2. Fix the Price of the Market House

3. Buid your Plan "A" to Get a Mortgage

4. Get a Mortgage at the end of the Program

5. Purchase your house

6. Earn equity during the program

We will look for the Best Rate and Mortgage Option

Over +60 Lenders

At No Cost to You

Your Best Financial PLAN
to Purchase or Refinance in
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“Everything will be okay in the end.
If it's not okay, it's not the end.

Let´s make it happen”

John Lennon

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3 Steps to Build Your Plan "A"


In a few simple steps we can help you with your loan needs.

First things first, let´s get started with a few quick questions

What type of loan are you looking for?


2. Book-Online

We wiil have a virtual meeting to chat in regards your mortgages purposes and needs

3. Documents

I will need you to send me your basics documents to build your file.


Onece we get here we're going to be able to build your Plan "A" and choose the right Financial Product and the Lender for your specific purpose and needs.

Mortgage broker service in Ontario


Mortgage broker service

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All the information about  Mortgages

Get deep into the mortgage solutions, here in our learning center you will find all the explanations that you are looking for.

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Are you thinking of buying your home, a second property, or refinancing your property to get the equity and renovate, consolidate your debts or invest to buy your vacation property?

Different Purposes

  • Residential

  • 95% Financing

  • Refinancing

  • Renewal

  • Equity Take-Out: using the equity in a home for everything to buy a second home, a winter home, or use it as a line of credit from renovations to debt consolidation

  • Self-Employed

  • Reverse Mortgage

  • Investment Properties

  • Credit Improvement

  • Commercial or Tourism Purpose 

  • Industrial Mortgages

Do you still need to improve some issues to get a mortgage?


We can find a solution for you:

Rent-To-Own Program

This a great opportunity for tenants who wanted to buy a house but still need to improve and meet the lenders criteria for a conventional mortgage, and also this a good program for:

  • Self-employed

  • New to Canada

  • Increase the credit report

  • People who has declare bankruptcy or consumer proposal, or

  • Those who haven’t been able to save enough money for a good down payment