Mortgage Planning Guide

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Are you thinking of buying your home, a second property, or refinancing your property to get the equity and renovate, consolidate your debts or invest to buy your vacation property?

Different Purposes

  • Residential

  • 95% Financing

  • Refinancing

  • Renewal

  • Equity Take-Out: using the equity in a home for everything to buy a second home, a winter home, or use it as a line of credit from renovations to debt consolidation

  • Self-Employed

  • Reverse Mortgage

  • Investment Properties

  • Credit Improvement

  • Commercial or Tourism Purpose 

  • Industrial Mortgages

Do you still need to improve some issues to get a mortgage?


We can find a solution for you:

Rent-To-Own Program

This a great opportunity for tenants who wanted to buy a house but still need to improve and meet the lenders criteria for a conventional mortgage, and also this a good program for:

  • Self-employed

  • New to Canada

  • Increase the credit report

  • People who has declare bankruptcy or consumer proposal, or

  • Those who haven’t been able to save enough money for a good down payment


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